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Ryan Gillord’s parents got back together. He told me that the divorce was tough on him, but not nearly as much as this.

“They want to have the family that they “threw-away” back.”

Ryan just got his drivers license. Last week he said to me, “I’m too busy combing pussy out of my hair for that shit.”

Ryan’s the oldest of my friends.




I saw another classmate pushing three of the most popular girls on the tire. The tire was on its side and suspended by chains off the ground. I was so jealous of how much fun they were having.  At the height of their excitement the tire came back to knock the classmate back into a pole. He rubbed the back of his head with his hand, continuing to laugh until he brought his hand back into sight. I remember hearing their laughs and the look on his face at the same time.

best intentions

They found the dog chained to the tree laying still. The chain reached towards the above ground pool. They dug a hole for the dog though they were unable to get the chain from it’s swollen neck. Apparently you can still go to that same lot and find the tree chained to the yard.