by townmayor

remember the time you took me to the waterfront and we laid down under the gazebo? it was one of those times when we knew it was over but we wanted to make it nice. we were still trying to make memories of happy times even though we knew it was going to end. i remember, i dont think you do. it was late and it was sunday, you were leaving the next day and we always had this urge to make the last night special. I also remember i said something that made you mad and i knew it would make you mad and i said it anyways thats just what I did. then you said something nice and sweet about the future, you knew it wasn’t true as the words were coming out of your mouth, and i knew you didn’t mean it, but i believed it anyways, just because it was so nice and sweet and i wanted to believe it. i wanted to think it was true; that we would go back to that gazebo, that we would lay there again. you and me, me and you under the same stars, being as happy as we were that night. its easy to lie, its hard to believe. good thing we are good at both. words are fragments of moments and moments are fragments of memories. take any out of context and theres chaos. chaos is what we have now. The entropy of the universe tends to a maximum.