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by townmayor

“I was on a horse.

Even when I am very calm, I feel as if I were being swept  by a storm. This may be due to my mind’s stumbling over every unevenness of surface because of its rapid pace, or to my desires, which are violent because they are almost always repressed, and when I live my inner scenes, I have the exhilaration that comes from always living them on horseback, on a rearing and galloping steed. I am a horseman. It is since I have known Bulkaen that I live on horseback, and I enter the lives of others on horseback as a Spanish grandee enters the Cathedral of Seville. My thighs grip the flanks. I spur the mount, my hands tighten on the reins. 

Not that it happens quite that way, I mean not that I really know I’m on horseback . . . “

Genet, Miracle of the Rose