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Month: October, 2012

Aliens and Old Spice :39

He was on his death bed when he told me that he had seen aliens. I never knew what it meant that he kept that secret until before he died. I don’t know if he was afraid  people would think he was crazy, or if he felt that he was admitting that he was crazy. He told me he never believed in aliens, but “seen them since the 90s”.


Old Spice Original scent 1939:

I wear old spice original scent because my father and grandfather wore it,

today I became nervous because alot of people’s fathers and grandfathers were not as good of men as mine.


Riding in Cars with Boys

I don’t like riding in his car.  Otherwise, it’s fine: we are easy companions.

But in the car, there are no rules.  He drives it like it’s stick and he leans back in such a way that turns my understanding of the situation into something else.

It reminds me of this boy I hardly knew in high school.

I grew up at the top of a long country rode and I passed him often when I finally began to drive around in my sister’s abandoned, piece of shit car.  He was older, my neighbor. In the summer when I was seventeen, I finally pulled over and offered him a ride.

I don’t think I’m ready for that, He said. He had a sly, almost embarrassed smile.  There was sweat dripping into his eyes.

At the time, I laughed it off, uneasy at his careless sexuality.  His hand touched my window as I pulled away.  Years later, his mother found him hanging in the trees in between our houses.  I was long gone by then.

Somehow in a car, you give away your own possession.  Despite the circumstances, the air is occupied by tension, your lack-of-will.  Whether you want it or not, his hands touch the shift, the radio, the windows and your hair is open and there is no control.

Other Women

When I would go to the other house,

with his other woman —

I figured all the chintzy crap was hers.

Now I know better.